Sunday, July 29, 2007


Innlay Lake, the jewel of Shan State, is located about 30 km to the south of Taunggyi. This vast, beautiful and picturesque Lake, sheltered among the hazy blue mountains of 1524 metres, stretches 22.4 km long and 10.2 km wide. The lake itself is about 900 metres above sea-level and studded with floating islands. Innlay Lake is famous for its unique one-leg rowers, floating villages and colourful markets. Ywama' the site of a daily floating "markets" and Innlay-Khaungdaing Spa are places to visit. Innlay silk is quite popular in Myanmar and silk weaving and hand-looms can be seen at Innpaw-Khon village. The celebrated PhaungDawOo Pagoda is situated in this lake. Its festival, held once a year in October, is full of pageantry and ceremonial splendor. There is one thing very peculiar and different from other countries i.e. Innlay traditional unique one-leg rowers races can be seen by visitors during the festival of PhaungDawU Pagoda.

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